Photo courtesy of Joy King. Panelists Brittany Fore, $pidey, Goose Rage, and Mecca discussing what it takes to be Hip Hop.

Hip Hop Makes Me Feel: Part 3

  Audience members gasped with excitement as panelists, Mecca Leggett, $pidey, Goose Rage, and Brittany Fore shed a lot of information about hip-hop from their unique point of views. Students gathered in Dina’s place on…

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Photo courtesy of Lamonica J. Dunlap. Senior Lamonica J. Dunlap married her wife, Edith M. Dunlap, on May 26, 2017.

Are college relationships worth it?

Last summer as I was getting ready for school, I got tons of unsolicited advice about college and what not to do.   Unsurprisingly, the biggest piece of advice was about relationships. Almost everyone agreed…

Graphic courtesy of Asiah Fulmore.

Present or Absent? Should professors take attendance?

As the fall semester starts to gain momentum and students settle back into a routine, both incoming and returning students may find themselves tempted to skip class. While there’s always the possibility of missing out…

Graphic courtesy of Isabella Rodriguez.

Should immigration reform be merit-based?

In the roughly seven months following the inauguration of Donald Trump, we have seen him take actions that virtually none of his predecessors ever have. The motto for Trump’s campaign has been “Make America Great…

Photo courtesy of Lamonica J. Dunlap

Soul Food: Untitled

Untitled By: Lamonica J. Dunlap   My people are being brutalized Something that the media won’t readily and credibly televise They tell us these lies as if the ugly murderous truth isn’t right in front…

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Vieweg. (Pictured from left to right) Stephanie Vieweg, Melissa Barr, and Aaron Parris are all newly engaged and have hashtags for this moment: #PorterRingOnIt, #FinallyAForrester, #WhenLifeGivesYouSimmons.

Exchanging “I Dos” at WU

In the past year, social media has exploded with engagements between Winthrop students on campus. After interviewing several couples on their experience with attending school and also getting engaged and getting married, every one of…

Photo courtesy of Alisha Sweatt | Many incoming freshman come into their first year of college worried that the infamous Freshman 15 will sneak up on them, especially if they are constantly checking their weight.

The Freshman 15: Is it real?

Yes, the freshman 15 is a real thing, but it does not have to be you! The freshman 15 is known as the weight that is put on during a student’s first year of college….

Photo courtesy of Zuri Anderson. Dr. Padmini Patwardhan, who has been teaching at Winthrop for 12 years, said that one of her motivations for teaching comes from the energy of young people.

Patwardhan: Scholar and Influencer

Dr. Padmini Patwardhan, the Integrated Marketing Communications Coordinator at Winthrop, received two awards for excellence in teaching this year. The first award, received in March, was the Charles H. Sandage Award for Teaching Excellence from…

Photo courtesy of Lyn Ward.

Muslim Women’s Rights: Cultural or Religious?

According to the Quran, Allah, or God, views men and women as morally equal. “Among the praiseworthy acts to Allah is to treat your mother with honor and respect,” said the Prophet Muhammad. Many people…

Photo courtesy of Allison Snipes | (Pictured from left to right) Allison Snipes, Eleanor Weldie, Riley Moody, and Hannah Salter. Winthrop University prides itself on pride, diversity, leadership, and more.

What does diversity mean to you?

Defining diversity and how to approach the concept both on campus and in the future lives of students is a primary focus in Winthrop University’s curriculum. It is the topic of most discussions and pieces…