Voice actor, hypnotist and comedian Joshua Seth


Thursday night was the highly anticipated annual hypnotist show. 2 hours before the show was set to start, students were outside on the Byrnes steps waiting for the doors to open. Everyone was excited beyond measure to see the hypnotist, Joshua Seth.

Once everyone was let in, Greek organizations claimed their front row seats and CPC sororities started their chants five minutes before the show started.

Once Joshua Seth was introduced on stage, he explained to the audience how hypnotism is basically deep relaxation and you don’t have to be on the stage to get hypnotized. Everyone in the audience went crazy thinking about being one of the few to be hypnotized. Students all over tried to relax and focus on the words Seth spoke.

Seth did a couple demonstrations with the audience members’ hands and guessed numbers that the students were thinking as well before officially starting the show. He had students sit with their feet flat on the ground and focus on his words and their deep breathing.

From there, he asked the students to interlock their fingers except for their pointer fingers, which he wanted to be separated about one inch apart. With the sounds of his voice, students’ fingers were closing in to one another as if they were being pulled together by magnets.

After students were amazed with that demonstration, he had students guess a number between one and fifty where both of the digits were odd numbers. He called out the number “37” and the crowd went wild in applause after he guessed their number. After that he asked that the students guess a double digit number over 50 with digits both being even numbers. He called out the numbers 86 or 68 and the audience, including myself, went wild in amazement.

Following the quick demonstrations, the audience members were sitting on the edges of their seats from start to finish.

Seth picked over 10 volunteers around Byrnes to go on the stage with him and become hypnotized. While there were some students that couldn’t fully become or stay hypnotized, majority of his volunteers did fall into the trance and followed his instructions.

This is where it became interesting because the students were basically under his control and they had no idea what they were doing in front of so many people. It was pretty cool how students in the audience aside from those on stage got hypnotized right in their seats for their friends near them to enjoy watching as well.

Joshua Seth had the hypnotized students perform so many different scenarios such as being on a hot beach, being orchestra players, being Olympic racers and ballerinas, not knowing how to count using the number six, pregnant men, pulled over by the cops and aliens coming to Earth to take pink cotton candy.

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