Students react to Brock Turner case

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On January 28, 2015, Brock Turner, an ex-student swimmer at Stanford University, was found on top of an unconscious woman behind a dumpster.

He was indicted on five charges including rape of an unconscious and intoxicated woman, sexual assault and intent to rape. Upon his initial sentencing, prosecutors wanted him to serve a sentence of six years but he was only sentenced to six months at Santa Clara County Jail followed by three years of formal probation.

After only three months in jail, Turner was released in the custody of his parents on September 2. A major backlash of comments and threats were made to Judge Aaron Perskey saying that his rule was biased and unfair. Briana Young, junior theatre major, agrees with these allegations.

“The judge was in his pocket. He raped an unconscious girl in a back alley. I felt that the judge did not do his job correctly and should have punished min more,” Young said.

There was also a major backlash upon his release as many students on campus felt he should have spent more time for his crime. Demonstrators outside the court shouted things such as “Judge Persky has got to go.” People also shouted threats towards Turner.

Kristin Streetman, junior visual communication major, said that this type of case leads other rape victims to not come forward.

“In this type of case, there were so many witnesses that saw him [Turner] commit the crime on the girl and this is just telling other people that there are no consequences from this type of action. I’ts telling other survives that they shouldn’t step forward because then there won’t be any action to rapists,” Streetman said.

Other students felt the reason he only got an easy sentence was because of his ethnicity.

“Brock Turner is white privilege personified,” DeAnthony Logan, sophomore business major said. “The judge let the pigments of his skin determine his sentence. I heard of a similar case where a black student athlete was sentenced to serve 25 years for being found guilty in a rape case.”

Whatever the reason for his release, the fact is that Turner is now out of jail on probation at his parent’s house in the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio. He is a registered. sex offender and students not only on Winthrop’s campus but also all over the country feel that justice has not been served to Brock Turner.

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