Women take the director’s chair for annual Art History Film Festival

Photo courtesy of Laura DufresnePhoto courtesy of Laura Dufresne

At Winthrop University, we pride ourselves in our liberal arts foundation and open mindset. Expanding upon these values, from September 6 to October 18, every Tuesday in Kindard 18, the Art History student association shows a female-directed film or documentary.

Laura Rinaldi Dufresne, a professor of Art History at Winthrop, explains that the goal of the film festival is for students to have “curiosity to learn more about director or theme of movie” and “to be open to films from different times and cultures.”

From Zero Dark Thirty to Mama Mia, each film has a different topic, Dufresne explains.

The topics range from “the role of women in history and society, slavery, outsiders or the other, war, [or] marriage,” Dufresne said.

Dufresne explains the reasoning for the wide diversity of films.

“We hope students will learn more about  films  they are not familiar with as much as celebrating the films they already love — so we have a little of both,” Dufresne said.

Around 30-40 students show up for each film, and each film is focused on the female directors. Dufresne said that the reaction from students has been, “In general, positive, once we decided on the Kinard 18 venue.”

There is no doubt that Winthrop takes the liberal arts very seriously, a concept that is highlighted in the annual film festival. With these films, they will open Winthrop Eagle’s already broad minds to include the complexity and intelligence of women directors.

Check out our cultural event calendar for the dates for the rest of the films and other cultural events throughout the semester.


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