Homecoming survival guide: 10 things to do during Homecoming


It’s the most wonderful time of the year – HOMECOMING!

Yes, homecoming is just a few days away but a week long. With so much going on, here is a list of the top ten things you should do to enjoy it!

The theme this year is Forever Garnet & Gold, so of course, continue to show your spirit and wear garnet and gold! There are some new additions/changes to what’s in store for the Winthrop family so the list is tailored to this year.


Without further ado, here is the Winthrop Homecoming Survival Guide:


  • Go to class: Go to class, ladies and gentlemen! This will be a fun week full of opportunities to get involved. The thing is, you don’t want to remember this week as a week that you skipped important classes and it pushed you off track to graduate. Be responsible!
  • Paint the Town: On Monday, the windows of Digs and the West Center will be painted by students who wanted to show their spirit and love for Winthrop! If you aren’t able to participate in actually painting a window by yourself or with a group of friends, at least take some time to check the windows out!
  • Vote for King and Queen: During this week, we are able to see our Homecoming Court and vote for the male or female that we think would best represent our university! Make sure you take some time out to vote for your colleagues!
  • Election Watch Party: For an important time of the year, a watch party (and cultural event) will be held for us to learn about the Electoral College, eat food, and find out who will be our next POTUS together.
  • Talent Show: One of the most anticipated events during Homecoming week where Winthrop’s talented students showcase what they’re made of. They’ll be competing for bragging rights and a grand prize so make sure to support them!
  • Eagle Madness Pep Rally: Yes, we are young adults in college but who doesn’t love a good pep rally!? This is something new and I’m really looking forward to it. (Not just because they’ll be giving away free t-shirts and free food *cough cough*)
  • Tailgate: It’s homecoming tradition to enjoy good food, music, and people before the game begins! Connect with old friends and make new ones!
  • Basketball game: This is the best time to go support our athletic department because we will be at the coliseum anyway because of the tailgate. Enjoy the amazing spirit and excitement during the game! If you didn’t know, students get in for free!
  • NPHC Stepshow: This is another anticipated event full of tradition and energy. Here, you’ll be able to see the talents and creativity from the NPHC community as they stroll/step. You do not want to miss this so get your tickets before they sell out because they WILL!
  • Speak with alumni: Alumni will be here throughout the week to relive old memories and you can help them make new ones. Don’t treat them like strangers; treat them like family because they are exactly that.



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