Giving thanks for our blessings: WU students share what they’re thankful for


Christmas is coming, but Thanksgiving is even closer! Before Winthrop students go on break for Thanksgiving, they shared what they were thankful for this year.

Winthrop student Shanika Bonaparte appreciates her family members for keeping her in school.

“I’m thankful for my dad and my mom for signing me up for college. My auntie, ever since I was a baby, always took me in and always signed me up for cheerleading. She always put me in school,” Bonaparte said.

Freshman Victoria English was grateful for the fifth floor of Richardson Hall for making her freshman year memorable.

“They keep college very interesting, high energy, and they’re just a lot of fun. They make my first-year experience a great one,” Victoria English said.

Some students are thankful for the opportunity to attend Winthrop or go to college.

“I’m thankful for the Winthrop community and being able to be here around great people who have amazing vibes and personalities,” sophomore Brandon Dill said.

“In order to get what I want, I need to be educated. In order to better myself, I feel like I need to be open-minded. My education is key part in that,” senior Sydney Cox said.

“I’m thankful for being able to go to a school that provides me with a lot of different opportunities to help myself learn and grow,” sophomore Christine Shannon said.

Most students are thankful for their family and friends overall, from stress relief to support.

“I’m thankful for my ability to go to college. I’m also grateful for my friends and roommates,” senior Catherine Phillips said.

“They are my big support system for the stress of school.”

“I’m always thankful for my family to support me and help in any way,” senior Alexis Pattinson said.

“They help me succeed in life,” junior Seth Keefe said.

Family and friends are not the only things some students are thankful for.

“My professors for meeting with me for almost every single week just to talk, even if it’s not about the coursework,” junior Rachel Floyd said.

“I’m thankful for life, love, peace, safety and the love of Jesus. I’m just thankful for everything,” sophomore Timothy Smith said.

Art major Meaghan Westfall was thankful for her boyfriend and pets.

“I’m thankful for how supportive he is. We’ve been together for five years. And I’m thankful for my cats and their social support,” Westfall said.

Winthrop student Madeline Brooks was thankful for Thanksgiving break.

“I’m thankful that it’s coming up, meaning I don’t have class on Fridays,” Brooks said.

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