How to stay cute and warm

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The world is your canvas and Scholar’s Walk is your runway – but how do we manage to look our best but also feel our best in these cold winter months?

  • Keep your head warm: If your hairstyle allows it, rock a cute hat or beanie. You can always look up cute, casual outfits on Pinterest that have options to cover your head. Some women also tie a turban or headscarf around their head to protect their hair from the harsh cold. It’s great to have different styles and different colors to go with your outfit or to add to an outfit, such as an all-black one. Also, please please please don’t go out with a wet head!
  • Invest in a great looking coat: Thick peacoats or trench coats can always add to a classy outfit. You can also dress up an outfit with a parka or a duster jacket. Some jackets even come with hoods, so that’s a plus! But just because you have on a thick coat does not mean you still shouldn’t dress warm underneath. Why? Well, because fter you’ve gotten to your destination and you get hot and take the coat off, having a tank top will not suffice.
  • Take care of your hands: Before you walk out the building to go to your next destination, put some gloves on your hands for those very chilly days. There are cute cotton and leather gloves to keep those digits comfortable. Speaking of digits, while you’re wearing gloves, you probably won’t be able to text on your phone. But that could be a good thing right? Maybe we’ll all be able to keep our heads out of our phones and our heads up to see when someone is checking out our cute outfit! If you don’t want to wear gloves, at least put some lotion on!
  • Boot it up: I feel like boots can be the most important part of winter outfits. Whether it’s snowing or you just want comfort, boots are a must in everyone’s closet. With so many types of boots such as thigh highs, booties, and even Uggs, you can stay cozy and cute. Just be sure to wear the right type of boots for the weather because you don’t want your feet too hot or drenched because you didn’t wear the right pair for the weather.
  • Layer up: If you think you’ll be outside for a longer period of time besides just walking to class, or you just don’t do well with the cold, layers are a must. Try wearing tights or leggings under your jeans or dresses. You can also where a thermal long sleeve under a shirt, sweater, or crewneck on really cold days. Lastly, don’t forget the scarves! They can add a pop of color and warmth for our necks that we will need.

There you have it, some winter style tips for our Winthrop women and men. Take some time to check out the weather app and then head to Pinterest for some cute, but warm, outfits to show off. Remember, cozy and cute is better than uncomfortable and cute!

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