Counting calories: safe dieting in the New Year


With the New Year ringing in with celebrations, new classes and New Year’s resolutions, a goal on the top of some of the lengthy resolution lists is one that has been in the back of people’s minds all year round: losing weight.

There are hundreds of diet plans, pills and regiments out there that a number of people flock to when they want to start losing weight especially at the beginning of the year. But a lot of those diet plans and regiments are extremely dangerous and can affect your overall health in a negative way, causing unhealthy weight loss and eating habits.

However, there are some ways that you can plan a diet that is both healthy and successful.

Hannah Shelley, a sophomore biology major said, “Don’t try to focus on trying to lose weight or a certain diet because in the end, the diet probably won’t work and you’ll become obsessed with losing weight.”

Shelley said that she has found it helpful to focus on getting in shape and losing weight in a group setting.

“I would say having a buddy to do it with in order to keep you accountable really works. Having friends in it with you is easier because they can easily tell you to slow down some or that you might have gone a little too hard and to take care of yourself.” Shelley pointed out.

It’s really easy to get carried away, watching what you eat, which isn’t always a bad thing. However what may seem like a good idea can easily turn into something harmful that can potentially hurt you and your health.

It’s all about mindset.

Shelley suggests that it is best for you to, “focus on eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle instead of focusing on losing weight.”

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