Top 3 tips for joining clubs on campus


With a new semester beginning many people are interested in getting more involved on campus joining a club. Winthrop has a plethora of clubs and organizations for people to choose from, students just have to keep their eyes out for the right one!

The Student Involvement Fair on Jan. 24 is a great way to see which organizations might be right for you and we’ve got tips to keep in mind before you fully commit to a club after attending the involvement fair.

Don’t just go to the interest meeting.

Interest meetings are introductory meetings to give the rundown about the club, it’s mission and what they do. Not all organizations are fully operating after the first meeting.

Attend a couple more meetings to get the dynamic of the club, how much time you may have to commit and the general atmosphere.

Some organizations are smaller than others. Some organizations do more work or programs than others. Some clubs are simply present for leisure and hobbies. Some have missions and goals. These are all things to consider when looking into how a specific club in run.

Chances are, you’ll probably stick with this organization until your graduate so you have to make your time count.

Get involved but don’t wear yourself out.

There is nothing wrong with being involved with just one club and depending on the club, it can often be more manageable for people’s schedules.
However, if you are involved with more than one club or organization, be mindful of time management. The more you have going on, the more intense your schedule will get. It’s best not to overwhelm yourself! If you have to leave the club in order to do so, that is fine.

Of course there are benefits to being in more than one organization. Especially on Winthrop’s campus, you will know more people and have more social time. The more involvement, the more attractive your resume is, too!

Think about your position in the club.

When you first join, you will be a member at first. If you really enjoy the club, then a leadership position will enrich your experience while you are there. Members often encourage each other, so the possibility will always be open. Again, it’s a nice resume enricher!

If you cannot always be at the club’s meeting or events, think of some innovative ways for you to contribute. Perhaps you can be a spokesperson, their advertiser or public relations person. You can help them set up events or prepare for them. You can send your ideas and propositions if you cannot make the meetings.

Winthrop has over 170 organizations spanning various areas, from card games, to advocacy, to major-specific, to culturally-oriented. Choose wisely!

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