Attire for the classroom

Graphic courtesy of DeAunna Riley.Graphic courtesy of DeAunna Riley.
Nate Knight, sophomore biology major, said, "There's no such thing as inappropriate attire."

Nate Knight, sophomore biology major, said, “There’s no such thing as inappropriate attire.”

Many disagreements arise when someone feels that they are right while an opposing opinion believes they are also right.

Students, professors, and faculty members often find themselves arguing about what they believe is appropriate and inappropriate attire for the classroom.

During high school, we all had to abide by the dreaded dress codes set in place by administration.

Though not as strict as high school, colleges do have some form of dress code.

Winthrop University’s dress code is more specific depending on the classes. In some cases, dressing appropriately for class is a part of the grading process.

For example, according to the Winthrop website, DANA 323, which is a ballet class, outlines the everyday dress code for this class in the syllabus. If the dress code is not followed, students receive point deductions.

In other classes, students may have projects that require specific dress in order to receive bonus points. For example, BADM 180, a business class, requires students to dress professionally for their speeches in order to receive five extra bonus points.

Other than dress code that is pre outlined in course syllabi, Winthrop is not too big on what’s appropriate/inappropriate.

When the topic of appropriate/inappropriate attire is addressed around campus, Nate Knight said “there’s no such thing as inappropriate attire.”

Another student, Meagan Donohue, took the topic personally to her chemistry major by saying that “the only exception is in science labs so that you don’t get any chemicals on your private parts if you decide to walk in naked.”

Nessim Flores feels as though dress code is specific to career fields. “Within every career field there is appropriate attire,” Flores said. Though every student has their own opinion, there is some sort of unwritten/unspoken campus wide dress code.

Out of respect for everyone, no one goes to class in their underwear. This is not because Winthrop has a written code prohibiting this; it is simply because of the unspoken code of respect.

Graphic courtesy of DeAunna Riley.

Graphic courtesy of DeAunna Riley.

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