Bringing back “The L Word”

Graphic courtesy of Asiah Fulmore.Graphic courtesy of Asiah Fulmore.
Graphic courtesy of Asiah Fulmore.

Graphic courtesy of Asiah Fulmore.


Showtime is coming back with a new reboot of the television show that was wildly dramatic during its first run during the 2000s, “The L Word.”

Many people felt that “The L Word” ended in 2009 on a sour note that left many fans disappointed and angry. The executive producers of the show have leaked that they may forget that Season 6 happened for the purposes of the reboot.

Several original cast members have been confirmed as coming back for the reboot, such as Jennifer Beals, Kate Moenning, and Leisha Hailey, who play Bette, Shane, and Alice respectively in the original seasons.

The creator of the original “The L Word” and the current “Empire” showrunner, Ilene Chaiken, will be the executive producer for the upcoming show.

Though there is no release date due to their current auditions for a showrunner, many actors and fans are very excited for the upcoming shows to start.

It is expected that after a showrunner is found, production will kick off relatively quickly.

The hopes of the previous cast for the upcoming season include the show reaching new heights and handling more current issues in the LGBT community.

Since the original run of the show, there have been many changes in the LGBT culture that will be addressed. These include the passage of marriage equality, repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and the increase of openly transgender celebrities in pop culture.

“There was this renaissance, in a way, going on with marriage equality coming to the forefront. There’s a whole new generation coming up that views sexuality in a different way,” says original cast member, Jennifer Beals.

The show also faces the expectation of living up to other TV shows that have come to break down many important barriers and explore issues.

They plan to take a more active attitude towards transgender issues than original series, which mishandled transitions and prompted stereotypes of transgender men.

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