Soul Food: Change the World Kid

Photo courtesy of Malik WilliamsPhoto courtesy of Malik Williams
Photo courtesy of Malik Williams

Photo courtesy of Malik Williams

They want me to change the world but how do I do it

I’m Just a young black kid struggling to live life with truth in it

Can’t change the world without changing myself first and for the better

Can’t be like the rest of these cats trying to chase cheddar

There’s more to life that we live is what moms told

More ups than downs so never will I fold

Chasing a dream, I’m trying to outlast

Never worried though, I’m the dodge ball champ, so I’m always out last

Decided that it takes time to gain the time

Learned that words are powerful, thus I strive to extract the best out of people, so please let your light shine

Helping all whom will hear to change their life’s dynamic

Hard to be broken into pieces like tiles that are ceramic

Tell when will I get my rest; Like when you decide to stop trying to be like the rest

When will I get the best; when your good becomes better and your better becomes best

So, I grind everyday hoping to be great as a servant

That simply means that I put my hands to the plow, no time to be observant

Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when on the moon there are footprints

They said life is a marathon, but to achieve greatness let’s make this a foot sprint

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