October 2017

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Freshmen Corner: ACAD 101

How do some of our freshmen feel about the mandatory introductory class, ACAD 101? Click the link below to read more! Freshmen Corner: ACAD 101

Graphic courtesy of Asiah Fulmore

Hispanics who don’t speak Spanish

I am one of the few hispanics who don’t speak spanish. According to Pew Research, the amount of Hispanics that speak Spanish at home is 73 percent, which is down from 78 percent in 2000….

Photo courtesy of Zimbio | Sylvia Mendez, civil rights activist, was among those awarded by former president Barack Obama with the Medal of Freedom.

Bet you didn’t know…

Famous Hispanic and Italian figures in history Many times in US history, the accomplishments of anyone who isn’t an white American male are often overlooked. That has been the narrative for many women and minorities…

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Don’t F****** Stereotype Us

For many years, Italian-Americans have been subject to a lot of jokes, memes and stereotypes about how we sound, how we look, what we do for a living and whether we are smart or not….

Photo courtesy of Karina Young | If you find yourself getting sick, be sure to go to the Health and Counseling Services in the Crawford Building 
located on Scholar’s Walk, or give them a call and set up an appointment at (803)-323-3290.

Be chill without getting ill

As the temperature drops, we are saying goodbye to the beach and hello to falling leaves, but this also calls for college students to be aware of the illnesses and viruses going around on campus….

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Soul Food: Crazy World

We live in a crazy world and I’m just thankful to be alive The sad part is that we have to fight to survive My soul dies and I’m able to revive But young brothers…

Photo courtesy of Shawana Miller | Junior, Shemeika McCray, and Alumna, Shawana Miller, at the homecoming tailgate last Fall.

Save and Slay for #HomecomingSZN

Homecoming at Winthrop is three weeks away and during that week there is a talent show, stepshow, multiple reunions, tailgating, games, and more! With many events taking place for Winthrop students, faculty, staff, and alumni…

Graphic courtesy of Asiah Fulmore

Microaggressions in the Hispanic community

Just because I’m Hispanic doesn’t mean I like tacos Racism isn’t a subject that is generally brought up in an obvious way. However, covert forms of racism are all too common in our society. These…

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Hispanic student population at Winthrop: low or stable?

Winthrop continues to improve on stable Hispanic student population As of this semester, Winthrop has 245 Hispanic and Latino students, which represents 5 percent of the total student population. This reflects the state’s Hispanic and…

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What not to wear: Offensive costumes and mascots

October is the time of year for tricks, treats, and colorful costumes. But it would not be Halloween without a few racist, sexist and all-around offensive costumes. So what costumes are offensive? A few disrespectful…