Soul Food: Little Brown Girl

Little brown girl don’t be ashamed of your skin, it’s been passed down to you from amazing women

 Birthed from the sun and the smoothest clay of this earth, bathed in moonlight and drenched in sequins,

Don’t be ashamed of your hips for they carry your ancestry they tell the story of your heritage,

As wide and voluptuous as they can be, they are the cradle of civilization and any man that beholds them should rejoice in thanksgiving

Little brown girl don’t be ashamed of your lips full and ripe like fresh fruit

Spewing words of wisdom, of poetry, of legends, of worship, of blessings, of magic, of sarcasm, of profanity, of laughter, of everything pure and true

Don’t be ashamed they are out here trying to purchase you, using every makeup trick so they too can speak like you

Little brown girl don’t be ashamed of your hair and the various forms it may take

 Shape shifting like it’s magic every coil, every kink, every twist, every loose spiral a rare crown upon your head wear it boldly and proudly it distinguishes you amongst the rest

Don’t be ashamed because they’re trying to buy you, what you have, who you are

Black woman

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