15 things you didn’t know were invented by Black people

15 things

In honor of Black History Month, it’s only right to recognize the brilliant minds that invented the most valuable items we use today.

You can sleep peacefully at night thanks to Marie Van Brittan Brown for making the first home security system.

Could you imagine not having any hair products to style or wash your hair? Madam CJ Walker sacrificed her time to invent hair care products and cosmetics for African-Americans.

Do you play games? I mean on the PlayStation, Xbox, or Wii. If you do, then give a round of applause to Gerald A. Lawson for inventing the first home video gaming system!

Lonnie Johnson invented the super soaker.

Thanks to George Crum, the inventor of the potato chip, we have something to snack on!

Trash is everywhere on the roads, but could you imagine manually cleaning it up? Thanks to Charles Brooks, inventor of street sweeper, manually picking up trash stopped in 1896.

It’s safe to say Garrett A. Morgan was a businessman because he owned a clothing business, cosmetic line, a repair shop, and more. In addition to that, he invented the gas mask and the stop light.

All creds to Sarah Boone for inventing the ironing board. Prior to 1892, people were using a board of wood. Boone’s purpose for this invention was to have a device that was particularly adapted to ironing bodies of ladies’ garments.

Ladies and gentlemen, you all should thank Lydia A. Newman for the hair brush to keep that head in tact!

Imagine not having anything to store your leftovers in. Good thing John Standard improved the refrigerator designs.

George Washington Carver is responsible for peanut butter.

Our hearts beat even more for the life saver, Otis Boykins, for inventing the pacemaker.

Thanks to Alfred L. Cralle for inventing the ice-cream scooper!

Life wouldn’t be the same without Black people and their many contributions to society.

No matter who you are, help celebrate Black History Month by uplifting those who have given us what we have today and making life a tad bit easier.

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