The “N” Word

Contrary to what many people have heard from the media and society, there is no double standard for saying the word nigger.

February is Black History Month and part of its history deals with a serious phrasing that dates back hundreds of years ago.

From songs that use the word explicitly to movies that show actors saying it, the N word appears to be one of the most unique words in our American history.

The word was used during the antebellum era and civil rights movement as a derogatory statement, and it maintains this status today.

To many African-Americans it seems as though other ethnic groups use the word to make them feel stronger and to degrade others.

Members of hate groups have used the word “nigger” to spread hate towards the African-American community.

With such a violent history, “nigger” is seen to many as one of the most hateful words in history. This causes many people to question the reasoning for using this word in the first place.

“I feel as though it’s a cultural term, but it’s definitely not a word that you joke around with” Shannon Simmons, senior mass communications major, said.

Many people believe that the N-word should not be taken lightly because of the amount of tragedy and death surrounding its history. The black community tends to argue with other ethnic groups for saying the word but they sometimes use it as well.

Many African-Americans argue that they feel entitled to the word due to its oppressive history. Some have tried to use a variation of the word, like “nigga,” which can mean somebody’s friend.

This allows them to differentiate the two words and make one appear less harmful than the other. The black community has been called out occasionally for using the word within the community.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Photo courtesy of Twitter

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