10 things I wish I knew before senior year

The time is approaching for seniors to graduate. I asked a couple of seniors what are some things or advice you have learned throughout your journey to becoming senior


  1. You should never feel intimidated or better yet, do not let the idea of college intimidate you.
  2. INTERN! Interning can ensure knowledge in your field and help you out by making connection for when  you graduate.
  3. Do not make any rash decisions because you will end bad in the long run.
  4. Learn how to save your money because graduation dues are no joke!
  5. Make a booklet of all your work and give it to your professor so it can be easier for them to write recommendations because they have your work to remind them.
  6. Request recommendations as early as possible. Some professors lose track of time and often forget you need a recommendation by a certain date.
  7. Take your GRE, LSAT and other test needed upon graduation during the summer to ensure proper preparation and focus.
  8. Wait to take easy classes your senior semester because those classes can be a great GPA booster and you won’t have a lot to worry about.
  9. Start off at a technical school because it is way cheaper than starting off at a four year college/university.
  10. Start job searching you junior year or earlier.

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