Tips for packing (to leave) for college

Leaving for college can bring out a lot of emotions for students, parents, faculty and staff.Finals are stressful enough but so is packing. Take a break from studying and start packing with some of these helpful tips:  

  1. Start packing your clothes earlyHonestly. How many outfits are you really going to wear while spending your  your last two weeks camped out at the school library preparing/cramming for finals?
  2. Move out stuff at separate time – If you’re planning to go home over the weekend before the final day of classes, take some clothes or items with you to reduce the workload on move out day
  3. Recycle binders and papers – If you do not plan on taking a certain class next semester, recycle the notes, papers, and other class materials you will not need anymore.
  4. Pack clothes in suitcases – This ensure more room for other furniture to be packed away in crates or totes.
  5. Pack clothes while still on hangers – Gather your clothes that are hanging up and cover them in a garbage bag. This way of packing is less stressful and is simply easy.
  6. USE YOUR CAFE CASH! – I know most of you do not have cafe cash this late in the semester, but for those who do use it up. It will not roll over for the next semester.
  7. Clean your room – On move out day, make sure you leave the room the same as how it looked on move in day. We love and respect our custodial staff, so should you.
  8. Eat all your food – The only time I’ll promote binge eating is during finals week because this will decrease the amount of stuff to take back home with you. Plus you don’t want to throw it away because who wants to waste food?

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