What’s Poppin’?

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Trying new things can create great and memorable experiences in Rock Hill.

Rock Hill is a family-oriented town with heartfelt activities and attractions. There are multiple attractions located in Rock Hill ranging from food, shopping and amusement parks. Here is a list of interesting and well-known attractions in Rock Hill.

  1. Food Truck Fridays: Every third Friday of the month, food trucks from around the Rock Hill community come downtown to showcase their different dishes.
  2. Downtown Rock Hill: Located in the center of Rock Hill,  downtown has numerous events during the year and it is a beautiful place. More information about downtown can be found on www.onlyinoldtown.com.
  3. Plato’s Closet: This fashion forward business provides an opportunity to buy fashionable clothes and get money back for selling your old clothes to them. It may not be much money you receive, but a few extra dollars never hurt anyone.
  4. Adventure Air Sports: A recently-opened trampoline park on Cherry Road. The park has a lot of activities within such as extreme dodgeball, main court, dunk zone and more.
  5. Towne Tavern: Formerly known as Wing University, Town Tavern is a restaurant located on Cherry Road that specializes in wings. They have 50-cent wings all day, every day and for people who are 21 or older. They have happy hour specialties.
  6. Come-See-Me Festival: The Come-See-Me Festival is a annual festival that started in 1962 where people travel to celebrate the salute of spring. The festival brings together friends and family by having over 80 events and activities.
  7. Escape Eight: This challenging activity requires more than eight people and the ability to think quick. The escape room is designed to put people under pressure to escape a themed room, requiring teamwork.
  8. Legal Remedy:  This local spot gives access to folks that are 21 or older. Legal Remedy was a vacant dealership that has since been converted into a custom craft brewery and brewpub. The brewery houses a 17-barrel brewing system along with two smaller systems and a canning line.
  9. Attend events around Winthrop campus: Save the best for last. The DiGiorgio Student Union hosts various events for the students at Winthrop, allowing people to experience and learn new things. Includes but not limited to recent movie screenings, documentaries, golf courses, mic-nights, concerts and other fun activities.
  10. Fountain Park: Once labeled the ugliest parking lot in Rock Hill, Fountain Park now features an animated, interactive fountain in the center of the park. This is a great place to relax, go exercising, attend events hosted there throughout the year and enjoy the beauty of nature and downtown Rock Hill.

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