Graphic courtesy of Asiah Fulmore

What not to wear: Offensive costumes and mascots

October is the time of year for tricks, treats, and colorful costumes. But it would not be Halloween without a few racist, sexist and all-around offensive costumes. So what costumes are offensive? A few disrespectful…

Graphic courtesy of Kristin Streetman

The problem with cultural appropriation

Cultural appropriation is mostly unknown to people today even though it has been around for centuries. Many cultures have formed due to cultural appropriation, and cultural scientists have a variety of views on the subject….

Photo courtesy of Arzu Uranli, Ph.D | Arzu Uranli, Ph.D, is an Islamic women's activist and adjunct professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies.

A Social Responsibility

Breaking stereotypes and prejudices is the aim of the new Women & Gender in Islam course at Winthrop. Arzu Uranli, Ph.D, who is originally from Turkey, took the job offering for the course “There is…

Photo courtesy of the Winthrop NPHC Instagram | Like Winthrop, community service and giving back is a strong creed among NPHC.

NPHC: Committed to serving the community

Giving back to the community is essential, and making it a part of your lifestyle has a positive impact on your life. As you may not find many people who willingly give back to the…

Graphic courtesy of Deanndra Brown | A bar graph representing the amount of faculty and staff hired by race and gender between Jul. 1 and Aug. 16 2017 at Winthrop University.

How diverse is the faculty and staff at Winthrop?

Winthrop University always prides itself on the idea of diversity, especially amongst its students. This institution stresses the value of diversity not only to its students, but to potential future students and their parents. According…

Photo courtesy of Joy King. Panelists Brittany Fore, $pidey, Goose Rage, and Mecca discussing what it takes to be Hip Hop.

Hip Hop Makes Me Feel: Part 3

  Audience members gasped with excitement as panelists, Mecca Leggett, $pidey, Goose Rage, and Brittany Fore shed a lot of information about hip-hop from their unique point of views. Students gathered in Dina’s place on…

Photo courtesy of Zuri Anderson. Dr. Padmini Patwardhan, who has been teaching at Winthrop for 12 years, said that one of her motivations for teaching comes from the energy of young people.

Patwardhan: Scholar and Influencer

Dr. Padmini Patwardhan, the Integrated Marketing Communications Coordinator at Winthrop, received two awards for excellence in teaching this year. The first award, received in March, was the Charles H. Sandage Award for Teaching Excellence from…

Photo courtesy of Allison Snipes | (Pictured from left to right) Allison Snipes, Eleanor Weldie, Riley Moody, and Hannah Salter. Winthrop University prides itself on pride, diversity, leadership, and more.

What does diversity mean to you?

Defining diversity and how to approach the concept both on campus and in the future lives of students is a primary focus in Winthrop University’s curriculum. It is the topic of most discussions and pieces…

Photo courtesy of Rayana Briggs | Ladies of the Mu Xi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated together on the yard.

The AKAs: a year back on the yard

Since making a comeback in Feb. 2016, the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, or AKAs, are not only present, but members are returning with many achievements they have received over the past year. From management summits…