Photo courtesy of Zuri Anderson | Tadean Page, a senior individualized studies major, maintains his life as an active student on campus and an entrepreneur by planning and keeping himself organized.

Bringing a vision to life

Sitting on a stack of binders in senior Tadean Page’s office is a black cap with the phrase “Legalize Black” knitted in. Bleached blotches decorate his cap stylishly, a product of his line of T-shirts…

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Graphic courtesy of Asiah Fulmore.

Bringing back “The L Word”

  Showtime is coming back with a new reboot of the television show that was wildly dramatic during its first run during the 2000s, “The L Word.” Many people felt that “The L Word” ended…

Graphic courtesy of DeAunna Riley.

Attire for the classroom

Many disagreements arise when someone feels that they are right while an opposing opinion believes they are also right. Students, professors, and faculty members often find themselves arguing about what they believe is appropriate and…

Photo courtesy of Lamonica J. Dunlap

Soul Food: Untitled

Untitled By: Lamonica J. Dunlap   My people are being brutalized Something that the media won’t readily and credibly televise They tell us these lies as if the ugly murderous truth isn’t right in front…

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Vieweg. (Pictured from left to right) Stephanie Vieweg, Melissa Barr, and Aaron Parris are all newly engaged and have hashtags for this moment: #PorterRingOnIt, #FinallyAForrester, #WhenLifeGivesYouSimmons.

Exchanging “I Dos” at WU

In the past year, social media has exploded with engagements between Winthrop students on campus. After interviewing several couples on their experience with attending school and also getting engaged and getting married, every one of…

Photo courtesy of Alisha Sweatt | Many incoming freshman come into their first year of college worried that the infamous Freshman 15 will sneak up on them, especially if they are constantly checking their weight.

The Freshman 15: Is it real?

Yes, the freshman 15 is a real thing, but it does not have to be you! The freshman 15 is known as the weight that is put on during a student’s first year of college….


Top 3 tips for joining clubs on campus

With a new semester beginning many people are interested in getting more involved on campus joining a club. Winthrop has a plethora of clubs and organizations for people to choose from, students just have to…

Layered Winter Clothing Pexels

How to stay cute and warm

The world is your canvas and Scholar’s Walk is your runway – but how do we manage to look our best but also feel our best in these cold winter months? Keep your head warm:…