Photo courtesy of Zuri Anderson | Tyrone B. Hayes, Ph.D, believes that one has a duty to act when they learn something important about the welfare of others, such as atrazine exposure to minority workers and communities.

The atrazine and the frog

Biologist shares how his childhood love for frogs led to the discovery of an environmental injustice   Winthrop invited Tyrone B. Hayes, an integrative biology professor at the University of California at Berkeley, to Dina’s…

Graphic courtesy of Asiah Fulmore.

Rock Hill looking for new leadership

It’s time for Rock Hill residents to head out to the polls as the election for Mayor of Rock Hill is fast approaching. The general election for mayor will begin on October 17 with longtime…

Trump combats the DREAM Act, DACA

On Sept. 5, Jeff Sessions, President Trump’s Attorney General, announced that the Trump administration would be working to repeal the DREAM Act, otherwise known as DACA, which was established under the Obama administration. President Trump…

Photo courtesy of Frankie Zellers. New College Democrats President Frankie Zeller (left) does his first College Democrats event with Parker Quinlan (right) tabling at convocation.

New faces of the Tillman Movement

Benjamin Tillman is a name that has been a subject of great controversy and caused protests among students, including the die-in at Tillman Hall that occurred in the fall of 2016. The die-in was spearheaded…

Holland looks forward to her new leadership position within the organization.

NAACP comes under new leadership

Meagan Holland has made a name for herself on campus by leading the charge for various social movements and protestS. Now, she is adding a significant position to her résumé as President of Winthrop University’s…

Tweet screenshot courtesy of Spencer Langston.

Transgender soldiers under fire

Last month, President Donald Trump stated on Twitter that transgender people would be banned from the military. The President’s goal is to first and foremost keep transgender people from joining the military. Secondly, he requested…


New Year, New Gun Control Issues

While faculty and students on Winthrop’s campus focused on resolutions to ring in the new year, there were people in different parts of the world who were forced to say goodbye to friends and family….