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Freshmen Corner: Homecoming Court

Who is running for Homecoming King and Queen and why should the freshmen class vote for them? Click the link below to read more! Freshmen Corner: Homecoming Court      

Photo courtesy of Hannah Evatt | Pictured from left to right: Hannah Evatt and Kat Borroughs at last year’s homecoming tailgate.

To tailgate or not to tailgate?

When you’re from the south, few things make people make more excited than college football. Some of the best teams in the nation are from around here; the Clemson Tigers, the University of Georgia Dawgs…

President Donald Trump poses for a portrait in the Oval Office in Washington, Friday, April 21, 2017. With his tweets and his bravado, Trump is putting his mark on the presidency in his first 100 days in office. He's flouted conventions of the institution by holding on to his business, hiring family members as advisers and refusing to release his tax returns. He's tested conventional political wisdom by eschewing travel, church, transparency, discipline, consistency and decorum. But the presidency is also having an impact on Trump, prompting him, at times, to  play the role of traditional president. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

One year after President Trump’s election

It has been a year since Trump was elected to office, and although this election instigated a deep, political divide across the country, the world has not yet ended. I remember the chants of “Trump…

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College tuition: Where is your money going?

College tuition is a touchy subject. The Johnsonian has recently reported on where exactly our money is going when we pay Winthrop. Fiscally speaking, tuition is something we discuss and complain about a good bit….

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Freshmen Corner: ACAD 101

How do some of our freshmen feel about the mandatory introductory class, ACAD 101? Click the link below to read more! Freshmen Corner: ACAD 101

Graphic courtesy of Asiah Fulmore

Hispanics who don’t speak Spanish

I am one of the few hispanics who don’t speak spanish. According to Pew Research, the amount of Hispanics that speak Spanish at home is 73 percent, which is down from 78 percent in 2000….

Photo courtesy of Zimbio | Sylvia Mendez, civil rights activist, was among those awarded by former president Barack Obama with the Medal of Freedom.

Bet you didn’t know…

Famous Hispanic and Italian figures in history Many times in US history, the accomplishments of anyone who isn’t an white American male are often overlooked. That has been the narrative for many women and minorities…

Graphic courtesy of Google Images

Don’t F****** Stereotype Us

For many years, Italian-Americans have been subject to a lot of jokes, memes and stereotypes about how we sound, how we look, what we do for a living and whether we are smart or not….

Photo courtesy of Alexis Oliver | The options for ethnic haircare is lacking in local stores such as Was-Mart.

Are the Ethnic hair aisles necessary?

For many years now, the aisle that you shop on for your hair products has been dictated by the color of your skin or your ethnicity. People of different ethnicities should not be bound to…